Thankful Heart Journals

Being an expert of both Mind & Body and having practiced for over 10 years, I knew from my training that writing down what you’re thankful for increases happiness. so I began practicing this power of being thankful and wanted to share it with others. 

Happiness increases productivity and wellbeing. A gratitude journal is arguably the most underrated tool for increasing your productivity and wellbeing and improving mental health.

Numerous studies have been completed by major world Universities, all coming to the one conclusion – being thankful, increases happiness, lowers stress levels and makes you far more productive.

The simple practice of gratitude on a daily basis has been proven to improve mental and emotional health.

Research highlights that practicing gratitude can deepen our relationships and connections, can improve our wellbeing and general optimism and it can also enhance our physical and mental health.

For this reason, I have created a series of Journals for people to start looking for the good things, they have in their lives, bring focus to the great things in their lives.

In my journals, I have included positive quotes, positive affirmations, colouring pictures for mindfulness, tips on how to find the positive things in their lives.
Also, there is a space to write 4 new things each day that they are thankful for.

My goal is to create more different 40-day Journals and Trackers on different focus areas of their lives, to enhance a positive outlook and allow people to grow through this season of their lives.

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